This site is run by me, Mike Scobie (owner of Airt Ltd). I’ve been creating Excel spreadsheets and macros since developing an Excel costing system for Mitsubishi Electric in 1993.

I’ve worked and consulted for many other companies including Oracle, Alcatel and Johnson & Johnson. Over that time I’ve used Excel for all sorts of solutions: automation with VBA saving hundreds of hours, $1Bn+ financial models, dashboards, financial management, materials planning, etc, etc.

I have a good understanding of how to get the most from Excel. But like us all, I’m always learning so happy to hear your comments or requests.

This website brings together some of the tips and tools I’ve found most useful in my finance career. I hope you also find some of them to be helpful.

If you choose to install the downloads you will find the custom charts you add to your spreadsheets will work for any of your business partners (they don’t need to install the add-in).