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Productivity tools for Excel

Plan your work in Excel in seconds

Since so much of your work revolves around Excel files it makes sense to schedule when you’ll next work with them

This add-in tool adds a button to your toolbar to simplify your time management

Automatically launch a file on the day you want

Schedule an Excel File

With the ‘Close and Schedule’ button you’re only 3 clicks away from scheduling the spreadsheets you use most. You’ll always know that the Excel files you need will pop up on the days you need them. They’ll open as soon as you start Excel on the day you’ve set.


Schedule time with an Outlook calendar straight from Excel

Schedule Outlook From Excel

The ‘Close and Schedule’ button also lets you plan work that needs an Excel file right from Excel. No typing the event name or pasting the link to the file. Just select the date and time then the AIRT add-in for Excel does the rest.


 Concatenate a whole range with separators

Better Concatenation

Better Concatenation in Excel

The Excel concatenate function prior to Excel 2016 is less than perfect. If you have a long list then you’re resigned to concatenating each individual cell.

Concatenation in the AIRT excel add-in lets you join a long range of cells and include separators the way you want.



Start saving time.

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Works with any version of Windows with installed Excel 2010 or later. [Mac, mobile and online versions not supported]